2nd Annual Feeder Contest!

web-feeder-flier-imageDuring Ely Winter Festival, the Dorothy Molter Museum will be hosting its 2nd Annual Bird Feeder Design Contest where all of the museum’s current feeders at Birds’ Landing (the museum’s community bird feeding/watching area) will come down and they will be replaced with entries to the contest!

Dorothy made her own feeders and, with the help of her “Angels,” portaged bags of seed (up to 1,000 pounds annually) to fill them on the Isle of Pines. The Museum invites you to design and create your own unique, “locally made” bird feeder in the spirit of Dorothy’s love of birds and bird watching.

Enter as an individual or a team and show off your creative spirit or engineering prowess. Prizes will be awarded for first place in the following categories:

  • Most Creative – Best use of imagination and creativity in the design
  • Most Luxurious – Provides the most “amenities” for birds (i.e. feed types, shelter, camouflage/safety features, water source)
  • Best Use of Natural Materials – Made from items naturally occurring in nature with minimal processing (i.e. branches vs. lumbered wood)
  • Best Upcycling Design – Made from found items such as empty cans or bottles, scrap metal or wood, or other “junk” that is repurposed in the design
  • Birds’ Choice – Voted on by the birds! The feeder hosting the most birds during staff observation and judging times. In other words, the one the birds flock to!
  • Grand Prize – Overall winner in all categories

Last year’s entrants included individuals, elementary to college classrooms and friend groups of all ages. Take a gander at the 2016 entries below!

Sound like a fun challenge?

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Entries Accepted · Jan 31 – Feb 2

Dorothy Molter Museum Basement Door
2002 E Sheridan St, Ely MN
Need to make alternative arrangements?
Call or Email

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Judging · February 4-9

Observations of feeders as they hang in Birds’
Landing by official judges and museum staff
Filled with seed as needed

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Winners Announced · February 10

At the Museum’s Annual Fundraising Dinner
at the Grand Ely Lodge and at www.rootbeerlady.com
(This page and here)
Would you like to learn more about the dinner?


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