The Root Beer Lady MUSICAL!

14344222_10154416672390242_8716011693331677518_nAttend the World Premiere of Root Beer Lady – the Musical at Washington Auditorium August 3-6!

Barb Cary Hall, daughter of Bob Cary and long-time museum board member, has penned an original musical production based on the famous Bob Cary book The Root Beer Lady.

Many people’s first introduction to the story of Dorothy Molter was through Bob Cary’s book and this summer, Dorothy’s story will reach new audiences through musical performance.

The Dorothy Molter Museum has been active in assisting Barb  through her endeavor and are pleased that there will be another vehicle with which to move Dorothy’s story toward new audiences. Bottle Cap Volunteer Productions will donate part of the tickets sales back to the Dorothy Molter Museum!

Please consider attending this musical’s debut – performed by an ALL ELY AREA cast.

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