Feeder Contest Results

The results are in!bfcontest-circle

Congratulations to the following winners for our 3rd Annual Bird Feeder Design Contest!

Each entry was sent an email with their prize certificates; students, yours were sent to your teacher.

IMG_8171GRAND PRIZE – the most effective and visually appealing design overall

The Chick-a-dees Team 
Shelby Nelson & Jolie Reinhardt (Students)
Northeast Range School
Babbitt, MN

IMG_8169RUNNER UP – second place close behind

The Bird Boys Team
Dillon, Ethan & Oskar (Students)
Northeast Range School
Babbitt, MN

IMG_6489BIRD’S CHOICE – voted by the birds: the most birds visiting and most bird diversity

Team Flying Wren Bird (Family)
Mathew, Becca, Sadie & Zoe Klesser
Ely, MN


BecMOST APPEALING DESIGN TO HUMANS – not an official category but boy was this one nice!

Bec Hodgin
Savage, MN


IMG_8177SQUIRREL’S FAVORITE – again, not an official category but there definitely was a favorite here…

Mitch & Elizabeth (2yo) Davidson
Ely, MN




We had mostly team entries with one individual entry. Successful feeders not only had a space for food, but also took into account the food selection and open space for visiting birds.

For example, the winning feeders offered sunflower hearts rather than seed mixes or seeds still in the shells. With the sub-zero temps we’ve had this week, birds selected for a high-nutrient food that takes little energy to consume.

The birds also showed preference for feeders with larger, unenclosed platform areas.

Start planning for next year’s contest!!

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