Dorothy’s Root Beer Run


Did you know that there is a full/half marathon in Ely every fall? Did you know that there is a KIDS’ MARATHON too??

This year, the Dorothy Molter Museum is proud to be sponsoring the Dorothy’s Root Beer Run Kid’s Marathon!

Registered racers must complete 25 miles on their own (with parental guidance), prior to race day. On race day, the children’s race will begin at 8:45am and they will complete the last 1.2 miles. Finishers will receive the Ely Marathon medal and finisher’s shirt. Any child can enter!

The Ely Marathon has been working with local schools to help instill the joy of running! Students, grades 3-6 have been running a mile per day for 25 days. On race day, they will complete the final 1.2 miles of the course. Any classroom or homeschool group can enter to win a FREE in-class Dorothy Molter Presentation and Root Beer Float party!

Join in the fan-fair as these amazing kids cross the finish line! The museum is recruiting marathon volunteers for its water station (full marathon, usually at Mile 7) and the Kid’s Race Finish Line. Let us know!

Over 75 children ran the 2016 Ely Marathon

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