Membership Updates in 2018

Dorothy_Museum_ElyWith the 30th anniversary of Dorothy’s passing in December 2016, we’ve been reminded of of how quickly time flows past us and how the museum could not continue to keep Dorothy’s story alive without the continued support of our members.

The museum is also coming upon a major milestone in its responsibility to Dorothy’s story: the 25th anniversary of the Dorothy Molter Museum on May 6, 2018, which would have been Dorothy’s 111th birthday. In the past 25 years, we’ve observed the changing interests and needs of visitors to the museum, and have focused on evolving its exhibits, products and messaging to reach and attract new audiences – most of whom are unfamiliar with who Dorothy was.

In order to continue meeting the changing needs of our visitors and accommodate the financial changes this requires, the museum will be restructuring its membership program for the first time in its 25 year history. We believe that this new membership structure offers a wider variety of options for those who wish to financially support the museum.

To view this updated membership structure, please click here to see what will change and what will remain the same.

Thank you for supporting the Dorothy Molter Musuem!

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