We Need Your Help!

Our unique, local museum, dedicated to the memory of Dorothy Molter, needs upgrades and maintenance due to the unavoidable erosion of time and weather. Dorothy’s story and this non-profit museum are an important part of Ely’s history as it not only tells Dorothy’s inspiring story using the buildings and artifacts from her actual home on Knife Lake but also the long history of the development of the wilderness surrounding the Ely Area. The Dorothy Molter Museum is also a community landmark that plays an important role in Ely’s economy and culture and deserves to be properly preserved and promoted.

We have developed a 3-year plan to address the following facility needs:

1) new interior flooring in both the Winter and Point Cabins,

2) replacement and realignment of wood decking leading to the Interpretive Center, Winter and Point Cabins in order to meet accessibility standards, and

3) re-shingling, drainage mitigation, and foundation repair to the Interpretive Center.

As a part of this campaign, a Dorothy’s Cabin Endowment Fund will be established and funds earmarked for physical building maintenance.

We feel this endeavor is worthy of your support and are asking you to help us raise the $38,000 needed to complete these projects within the next three years.

Although any contribution is appreciated, those who make a tax-deductible, financial gift of $50.00 or more receive recognition via www.rootbeerlady.com, Museum social media accounts (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter), campaign-related print materials, and in the Museum’s quarterly newsletter.

However, there are many ways you can contribute. The donation of materials or labor to these projects would provide financial relief and expedited timelines. In addition to helping complete projects, your financial or in-kind donation will assist our effort in securing matching grant dollars for which we are actively researching.

Lastly, your renewed membership to the Dorothy Molter Museum will help us grow our base for long-term financial sustainability. We invite you to consider rejoining the Dorothy Molter family.

Would you help us?

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