Tours by Request

Due to the early on-set of winter temps (even for Ely!) we have been forced to close the Museum to regularly scheduled tour appointments. We can still host visits if you are comfortable with cold cabins, walking on uneven pathways and no restroom on-site and we will honor all reservations already on the calendar. For those interested in visiting between November and April, please call us directly at 218 365 4451 or email us at with your inquiry and we’d love to work with you.

Sustained temperatures below 32°F require us to move three fragile items into our heated office, turn off our public restroom water supply, and cover the north-facing plexi-glass windows in the Cady Cabin. However, the winter season offers a unique opportunity to truly put yourself in the shoes of Dorothy Molter and experience winter in the Northwoods as she did.

In order to plan for snow removal on our walking paths, we do request a minimum of 48-hours advance request submission but one week is preferred due to limited on-site staffing during the winter. Warm base-layers and outer-layers are definitely a requirement.

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