See you next year!

Photo of Dorothy Molter waving toward the photographer taped to a scrapbook with a note taped below that says thanks for a great season

Saturday, October 29 was our last day of the 2022 season for public Museum hours and we are incredibly grateful for our visitors who made time for Dorothy’s story or to support the Museum.

We try to accommodate private appointments of 6+ groups during the “off” season as best we can – give us a call with plenty of advanced notice for any requests. If you don’t have a large group, visitors have the option to pay the equivalent of 6 adult admissions ($7/adult).
The minimum of 6 admissions helps to cover the hard costs of staffing the admissions/tour, keeping pathways shoveled and parking plowed, and utilities, specifically electrical costs for turning on the heating in two buildings.

Don’t forget to visit our webstore for unique and special gifts this holiday season and stop in if you’re up for the Ely Winter Festival in February when we host our Annual Fundraising Dinner on Thursday, February 9.

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