RBL Musical


Root Beer Lady: The Musical debuts September 7, 2023

A fresh rendering of the musical’s first iterations, Root Beer Lady: the Musical returns with an updated script and fresh local faces at the Ely State Theater for a limited run September 7-10.

This one-act musical written by Barb Cary Hall is based on her father Bob Cary’s well-known book “Root Beer Lady” and tells Dorothy’s unique and inspiring story through song, dance and narration. The Museum is ecstatic to support Hall’s Bottle Cap Volunteer Productions, as well as the Ely State Theater for bringing this musical back to life and offering such a unique opportunity for audiences to learn about Dorothy Molter.

Tickets are on sale now and details are available via the Ely State Theater at www.elystatetheater.org.

Members of the cast and crew were our special guests at the Museum’s August open house “Supporter Appreciation Day” on Sunday, August 13 and provided a sneak peek of the updated script. You won’t want to miss it!

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