Preserving the Legacy

A Capital Campaign and Membership Drive to identify structural needs and secure funds to preserve and improve the physical buildings representing the legacy of Dorothy Molter through grants, fund raising, in-kind services and membership development to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Dorothy Molter Museum.

Our unique, local museum, dedicated to the memory of Dorothy Molter, needs upgrades and maintenance due to the unavoidable erosion of time and weather. As important part of the Ely Area’s history, it not only tells Dorothy’s inspiring story using the buildings and artifacts from her actual home on Knife Lake, but also the long history of the development of the wilderness surrounding the Ely Area.

The Dorothy Molter Museum is also a community landmark that plays an important role in Ely’s economy and culture and deserves to be properly preserved and promoted. Your help is needed and there are many ways you can contribute.

C A M P A I G N    G O A L S

The goal of the Preserving the Legacy Capital Campaign and Membership Drive is to raise $38,000 to cover the hard costs of three structural projects and establish  (and grow!) Dorothy’s Cabin Endowment Fund for physical building maintenance into the foreseeable future:


Both the Winter and Point Cabins have been leveled and floors replaced.

Thank you!


All wood decking needs replacement in the next few years to accommodate weathering and shifting.



This building needs new fascia, soffits, gutters and shingles in the near future. Foundation work is also part of this building’s needs.



To grow the Museum’s Membership base to ensure long-term support of Dorothy’s legacy and secure a sustainable audience for her story.


Please consider donating materials, funds or labor to this capital campaign. In addition to helping complete projects, your financial or in-kind donation will assist our effort in securing matching grant dollars. Your purchase of a new or renewed Museum Membership would also aid this endeavor.

Donations may also be mailed to the Dorothy Molter Museum at PO Box 391 Ely, Minnesota 55731. Please indicate your wishes to allocate your contribution to the Capital Campaign.

In accordance with IRS Regulations, we will provide you with our formal recognition that we gave you no goods or services in exchange for any gift. Federal tax law requires that you maintain a receipt to substantiate your charitable donation. Dorothy Molter Memorial Foundation is a 501(c)3 charitable organization. FEID 41-1698884
A formal letter of receipt will be sent to those contributing $50.00 or more for personal records after processing.


The following businesses and individuals have made the work completed possible, without their generosity, we would not be where we are today!

Anonymous Donor*
Dennis Beaulieu*
Burdette Boyum*
Fred & Carol Breitling
Pam Brunfelt, Mining Our History*
James Burke, Realtor*
Lois Carlson*
Bob Cotton*
M.J. Davis*
Rebecca Day*
Department of Iron Range Resources & Rehabilitation (grant)
The Dunsmores, Country Side Gardens, Inc*
Kathleen Ellerton*
Ely Veterinary Clinic*
Frandsen Bank & Trust
Grand Ely Lodge*
Jack & Jean Guy*
Sarah Guy-Levar*
Hand Done T-shirts
Autumn Cole and Phil Hyde*
DeAnn Kautzmann*
Laurie Kess*
Michael and Patricia Kierski*
Kovall Construction*
LaTourell’s Moose Lake Outfitters
Herb, Betsy, & Svetlana LePlatt*
Betty Magnuson*
Dale & Rosemary McCain*
Barb Moore*
Michael Neef*
John & Charlotte Parish*
Mary Lou Pease*
Lin Pomeroy*
Glen & Tina Quiggle
Lynn & Donna Rogers*
Jim Rowoldt
Serena’s Carpet of Ely*
Walter Sitz*
Don & Nancy Smith*
Kurt & Barb Soderberg*
Anne Stewart Uehling*
Carolyn Sundquist*
Vel Teichroew*
John & Sue Thurston*
Susan Tuomela*
Nancy Ule-Outcalt*

*denotes current Museum Members