It’s that time of year again… Let’s kick off the new year with a party!

The Museum will hold its annual “plaid tie” event, its Annual Meeting of the Membership & Annual Fundraising Dinner on Thursday, February 13 at the Grand Ely Lodge starting with social hour, raffles and silent auction at 5pm. Dinner and program usually begins about 6:00pm.

We’ll have fun with good food, fun prizes and fellowship with other Museum supporters. As in the past, guests can expect a wide-array of quality raffle games and auction items, delicious food and fellowship, and a lovely evening celebrating the life of Dorothy Molter.

Tickets are       $25 for Members   and   $35 for Non-members

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Reservation options via phone or email as well.

Non-member attendants are welcome to participate! it will be approximately 20 minutes of the evening program. Annual Meeting documents available for preview: 2019 Annual Meeting Agenda, 2018 Annual Mtg DRAFT Minutes, By-Laws Updated 2018.

How are we fundraising?

We are always overwhelmed with the generosity of our friends and neighbors both within and outside of the Ely Area. Museum staff, volunteers, Members, vendors, customers and colleagues show amazing support for our little museum in the pines celebrating and sharing the life and legacy of Dorothy Molter.

The items below will be available at the Annual Meeting & Fundraising Dinner for silent auction bidding, bucket raffle drawings or surprise raffle prizes throughout the evening. You must be present, or have a proxy in attendance, to bid on or win these items. If you cannot make this event, we encourage you to help us thank the businesses, artists and organizations with your spending dollars or donations!  [Would you like to donate goods, services or monetary support? [Click here]

Although we can take credit card payment for tickets, donations and silent auction items, we recommend you bring cash to participate in bucket raffles, the 50/50 raffle and pop-up dinner raffles. These items are listed in no particular order. New items added as donation commitments are made.

Item: Birch Bark Wall Basket with Greenery & Star Ornament

Donor: Meristems Forestry – John Zasada, Grand Rapids MN

Retail: $137
Item: One-year Subscription, Map and Fish Ruler

Donor: Boundary Waters Journal, Ely MN

Retail: $26
Item: $15 Gift Certificate, XL Hooded Sweatshirt and Cap

Donor: Zaverl’s, Ely MN

Retail: $50
Item: Oak and Cherry Coat Rack

Donor: Wilderness Wood Designs, Montana

Retail: $75
Item: Fox Print on Metal by Kenneth Hupila

Donor: Snotty Moose Studio, Ely, MN

Retail: $150
Items: Image Necklace and Earring Set (2)
Items: Wildflower Necklace and Earring Set (2)

Donor: Evergreen Cottage, Ely, MN

Retail: $20 each
Retail: $30 each
Item: Quetico Tall Mukluk Certificate

Donor: Steger Mukluks, Ely, MN

Retail: $280
Item: Aristocrat Knife Set
Item: Spyderco Pocket Knife

Donor: Razor Edge Systems, Ely, MN

Retail: $72
Retail: $50
Item: Buffalo Plaid Fleece Blanket (Large)

Donor: Member & Museum Staff Lisa Robbins, Ely, MN

Retail: $50
Item: Canvas Canoe Candy Dish Basket

Donor: Ely’s Old Fashioned Candy, Ely, MN

Retail: $30
Item: Original Watercolor on Vintage Ely Map

Donor: Member Sarah Guy-Levar, Ely, MN

Retail: $165
Items: Two Lift Tickets & 2 Tubing Passes

Donor: Giant’s Ridge, Biwabik, MN

Retail: $154
Item: $100 Gift Certificate

Donor: Adventure Inn, Ely, MN

Retail: $100
Items: Grey Duck Market Tote (2)
Items: Minimalist Zippered Bag (2)
Items: Adventurer & Minimalist Set in Not-yet-released Spring Fabric!

Donor: Grey Duck Bag Co., Ely, MN

Retail: $70 each
Retail: $13 each
Retail: $30
Item: $50 Gift Certificate

Donor: Arrowhead Outdoors, Ely, MN

Retail: $20 each
Item: Gypsy Bandanas Headbands (20)

Donor: Gypsy Bandanas, Ely, MN

Retail: $12 each
Some will be Door Prizes!
Item: 1-Year Subscription Certificate

Donor: Timberjay Newspaper, Ely-Babbitt, Tower-Soudan, Cook-Orr, MN

Retail: $37
Items: 20# Propane Cylinder Fill Certificate (2)

Donor: Starkman Oil/Superior Fuel, Ely & Duluth, MN

Retail: $20 each
Item: Buffalo Plaid Performance Fleece 1/4 Zip (XL)
Item: Buffalo Plaid Fleece Blanket

Donor: Hand-Done T-shirts, Ely, MN

Retail: $60
Retail: $30
Items: $20 Gift Certificate

Donor: Bloomer’s Floral & Gift, Ely, MN

Retail: $20
Item: 15-Serving Party Platter Certificate

Items: 6″ Sub Certificates (4)

Donor: Subway, Ely, MN

Retail: $37

Retail: $5 each

Items: IPA and Chardonnay

Donor: Mike’s Liquor, Ely, MN

Retail: $35
Item: Polish Bomber Hat
Donor: Mealey’s Gift & Sauna, Ely, MN

Item:  Crate of Ely Bottling Glass Bottles
Donor: Ely Surplus, Ely, MN

Retail: $65

Retail: $100

Items: Ely Winter Festival Basket

Donor: Ely Winter Festival, Ely, MN

Retail: $100
Items: Trio of Minnesota Wine

Donor: Wildlife Liquor, Ely, MN

Retail: $67
Item: Run With The Pack Basket

Donor: International Wolf Center, Ely, MN

Retail: $133
Item: WELY Blend Gene Hicks Coffee and Two Mugs

Donor: WELY, Ely, MN

Door Prize
Item: Hand-made Sheepskin Goods

Donor: Sheepskin Stuff by Jacki Fisher, Ely, MN

Retail: $20 earmuffs each, $15 insoles each, $20 youth muff
Item: White Wine Trio

Donor: Dee’s Bar, Ely, MN

Retail: $35
Item: “Dorothy” (8.5×7.5 frame) and “Sunset” (8×10 frame) Marian Anderson Prints Set

Donor: Member Nancy O, Ely, MN

Retail: $50
Item: One Night Stay in the Evergreen King Suite and a Bottle of Fine Wine

Donor: Jasper Company, Ely, MN

Retail: $140
Item: Opinel Folding Knife

Donor: Lobo Gun Leather, Ely, MN

Retail: $17
Item: 1-$50 Gift Certificate, 1-$100 Gift Certificate

Donor: J & L Hardware Hank, Ely, MN

Retail: $50 & $100
Item: $50 Gift Card and Bottle of Wine

Donor: Insula Restaurant, Ely, MN

Retail: $65
Item: $50 Gift Certificate

Donor: Roots Salon, Ely, MN

Retail: $50
Item: “Hanging Chad” 11×14 Framed Canvas

Donor: Kelly Godfrey, Ely, MN

Retail: $145
Item: Hand-carved Diamond Willow Walking Stick (5’2″)

Donor: Board Member, Butch Diesslin, Ely, MN

Retail: $75
Item: Pine Marten Print

Donor: Brandenburg Gallery, Ely, MN

Retail: $90
Item: Set of hand-thrown mugs

Donor: Blue Earth Pottery, Ely, MN

Retail: $60
Item: Hunter Gift Bag

Donor: Wells Fargo, Ely, MN

Door Prize
Item: Certificate for a Men’s Hygge Pullover Hoodie

Donor: Wintergreen Northern Wear, Ely, MN

Retail $170
Item: Sterling Silver Peridot Branch Pendant & Earrings

Donor: Piragis Northwoods Company, Ely, MN

Retail $130
Item: Delmonico for Two Certificate

Donor: Ely Steak House, Ely, MN

Retail $41
Item: Ely Area Natural History Publications (2)

Donor: Ely-Winton Historical Society, Ely, MN

Retail $40
Item: $30 Gift Card

Donor: Boathouse Brewpub & Restaurant, Ely, MN

Retail $30
Item: Blizzard of the Month Card (3)

Donor: DQ Grill & Chill, Ely, MN

Retail $38
Item: One-year Subscription (2) & $5 Off Photo Coupons (2)

Donor: Ely Echo, Ely, MN

Retail $45 each
Item: $50 Gift Card (2)

Donor: Ely Northland Market, Ely, MN

Retail $50 each
Item: Gift Bucket

Donor: L&M Fleet Supply, Virginia, MN

Retail $100
Item: 10′ Evercraft Booster Cables

Donor: NAPA Auto Parts, Ely, MN

Retail $40
Item: TWO $25 Gift Cards

Donor: Gator’s Grilled Cheese Emporium, Ely, MN

Retail $25 each
Item: 15 Pint Punch Card

Donor: Rockwood Bar & Grill, Ely, MN

Retail $90
Item: Certificate for 1 hat; Certificate for 1 T-shirt

Donor: Kwazy Wabbit, Ely, MN

Door Prizes
Item: A collection of five titles: complete set of Rescue and Rehabilitation children’s books by Christie Gove-Berg(Esther, the Eaglet, Maggie, The One-Eyed Peregrine Falcon, and Greta, The Great Horned Owl), Amazing Hummingbirds by Stan Tekiela, The Great Minnesota Hot Dish

Donor: AdventureKEEN, Cabridge, MN

Retail $70
(these items likely separated out for raffles)
Item: Two OGGI Travel Mugs

Donor: JD Mills Company, Ely, MN

Retail $40
Item: Fishing Basket

Donor: Spirit of the Wilderness, Ely, MN

Retail $40+
Item: Growler + 3 Fills, Cansulator & Bottle Sleeve, & Gift Certificate Paddle It Forward Certificate

Donor: Bent Paddle Brewing, OMC Smokehouse and Frost River Trading Co, Duluth, MN

Retail $122
Item: TWO Google Play Cards

Donor: Anonymous Donor

Retail $100 each
Item: Hand-carved and painted “Robin” sculpture

Donor: Duane Bird, Ely, MN

Retail $150
Item: Coffee gift bag (4-12oz ground & 2-2oz portion packs) – TWO available! Mug not included.

Donor: Gene Hick’s Gourmet Coffee, Ely, MN

Retail $43 each
Item: Crapola Gift Bag (4 bags Crapola, 3 stickers, one large t-shirt)

Donor: Crapola World Headquarters, Ely, MN

Retail $40
Item: Felted Wool Rock Necklace (similar to that shown in image)

Donor: Laurie Jacobi Originals, Minnetonka, MN

Retail $100
Item: Handyman Multi Tool

Donor: Merhar’s Ace Hardware, Ely, MN

Retail $30
Item: “Just Rewards” wood duck print by Steve Hamrick

Donor: Board Member, Butch Diesslin, Ely, MN

Retail $75
Item: $25 Gift Card. TWO available! Mug not included.

Donor: Front Porch Coffee & Tea Company, Ely, MN

Retail $25 each
Item: Hand-made 440-c stainless fillet knife with hand-carved handle made from a piece of  Cady Cabin Island, Isle of Pines driftwood, epoxy filler, and custom leather sheath

Donor: Dorothy’s Great-nephew, Dan Galante, North Carolina

Retail $150
Item: 4 Castle Danger pint glasses, 4 pint fill cards, 4 bottle openers, 4 logo stickers and 1 can coolie

Donor: Castle Danger Brewery, Two Harbors MN

Retail $50
Item: Hand-beaded Necklace & Cuff Set

Donor: Museum Staff/Member & local Jewelry maker, Kay Vandervort, Ely MN

Retail: $80

Item: Hand-felted and beaded Scarf

Donor: Museum Staff/Member & local Jewelry maker, Kay Vandervort, Ely MN

Retail: $55

Item: The Cabin Package (110 minutes)

Donor: Business Member, Ely Pebble Spa Company, Ely MN

Retail $145
Item: Deer Hide Choppers (polyester lining) Size 2XL

Donor: Museum Staff/Member & local Jewelry maker, Kay Vandervort, Ely MN

Retail: $20

Item: Laser-cut wood cutting board 12″ x 10″

Donor: Museum Vendor J and J Woodshop of Kingfisher, OK

Retail: $30