This season will undoubtedly be an adjustment – for visitors and staff. We are hoping that by providing this information on what to expect during a visit to the Museum, we can continue to offer the safe, informative and inspirational experience that visitors have come to expect.

If you do not see your question answered below, please let us know so we can add it!

When are you open?

We are “open” for business operations. However, pubic tours begin Monday, June 15 and we are taking admission reservations online for time-slots.  Currently, State guidelines do not allow for walk-in admissions.

How do people make reservations?

Online reservations may be made by clicking the “Get Admissions” button found in the lower left corner of our website (all pages). For those who do not have easy access to the internet, no cell service or are not comfortable using online payment options, we are happy to walk visitors through the process on our end. However, pre-payment is part of the process.

What will the hours be? 

At this time, one-hour time slots are available from 8am-7pm (last slot 7-8pm)..

Reservations will be allowed online until 24-hours before the preferred time. Those interested in visiting inside that 24-hour window should call for availability. Longer time slots may be arranged by phone depending on availability at no extra charge.

Reservations also apply to those who would like to shop in our Gift Shop (free of charge) so please call us or email

This new system has already evolved a bit and will likely change more as time goes on so that we can collect feedback and make improvements as necessary. Please understand that our current situation is not desirable on our part compared to how we’ve historically operated but we are looking forward to welcoming you back to the Museum and hope that you will work with us to help make this new visitation plan work.

How many people can visit at one time?

We are able to accommodate up to 10 visitors on-site at one time.

Will guided tours be available?

We will try to do a brief, introductory mini-tour as staffing allows for each reservation, but will not physically guide groups through the cabins like we have in past seasons.

What tour guides/resources are available?

The Dorothy Molter Museum’s virtual tour can be accessed on a web browser or via a free downloadable app for Android and iPhone. This app can be used during your visit as an alternate tour guide with imagery and an audio option to listen while you explore! More information.

A single page, double-sided, laminated Visitor’s Guide will be available for use that includes a map of the grounds and a description of what is available to explore while on-site.

Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes. Staff and visitors (over the age of two years) are required to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth while on-site. Disposable masks will be available for $1.00 in the Gift Shop as well as cotton, washable KWITCHURBELIAKIN masks in the near future.

For guests with a medical exemption for a face mask, a face shield is an acceptable alternative and must be worn at all times. If you have further questions about this, please contact us directly prior to reserving a visit.

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and prefer to see staff faces, please contact us prior to reserving your visit. We are working on obtaining see through masks to accommodate lip-reading.

We strongly encourage all visitors to prepare to wear a mask while indoors at other Ely businesses as well.

What other requirements are there for visitors? 

  • Visitors are required to use the hand-sanitizer upon entering the Interpretive Center (each time)
    • Alternative: bathroom sink available for hand-washing
  • Adherence to all directional and instructional signage
  • Only touching retail merchandise if there is an intent to purchase
  • As usual, avoid touching historic objects and other collection items

How will we communicate these expectations to our visitors?
This information will be clearly communicated during the online (and phone) registration process, online here in our blog, and via signage throughout the Museum.

What has the Museum done to ensure visitor safety?

  • Implemented a Covid-19 Preparedness Operations Plan (based on State requirements)
  • Installed physical barriers between staff and visitors in the Interpretive Center and Gift Shop
  • Adapted its Visitor’s Guides for proper disinfection after each use
  • Implemented a one-way entrance/exit system
    • May be altered for those with physical mobility limitations
  • Implemented cleaning & disinfecting protocols
    • After each group
    • Every 4 hours
    • At the end of the day

What if all I want to do is shop and/or pick up some root beer?

Give us a call and let’s chat. We would love to have you stop in but we are limited to 10 visitors on-site at a time right now so we will need to factor your visit to our Gift Shop into that number if you’d like to peruse our selection. For root beer, we can take your order on the phone and have it ready outside for pick-up or, you may also shop online here and select “curbside” for shipping options. We’ll then contact you for pick-up. But, yes, we do have more items in our gift shop than what is online so let us work with you to make a visit to the shop!

Can businesses still puchase/pick-up wholesale root beer?

Yes. We are always available for wholesale purchases of Dorothy’s Isle of Pines Root Beer. However, we now need to arrange for curb-side pick-up so advanced notice is appreciated.

What else should I be aware of?
We are bracing for what will be a challenging year and do have concerns about our ability to generate the revenue that carries the organization through the entire fiscal year. Here are some of the challenges we are facing and ask for your patience, understanding and cooperation:

  • We are unable to offer weekly/monthly public programs or events
  • We are unaware if we’ll be able to offer private classes for groups of 10 or fewer
  • We are unable to hire additional seasonal staff due to the uncertainty of work available
  • We are limiting retail merchandise inventory purchases to best-sellers and online favorites, which also financially impacts our vendors